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About ACRE Colorado Real Estate School

With consistently high pass rates, our staff at ACRE School has helped students achieve their goals of acquiring and maintaining a Colorado real estate license since 2001. Our classes provide students with interesting and up-to-date content, clear definitions, industry examples, interactive worksheets and a large pool of exam questions based on the content and format of the Colorado real estate license exam.

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No gimmicks, hidden charges or sliding support tiers, our staff at ACRE School is available to help you succeed in your Colorado real estate career. Our pre-licensing, continuing education, broker administration and broker reactivation courses are all user friendly and intuitive.

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Colorado Real Estate License ACRE School is approved and regulated by the Colorado Department of Higher Education Private Occupational School Board

Steps to get your Colorado Real Estate Broker License

Step 1: Education - New brokers are required to take the 168 hour Broker Licensing course.

Click here to buy the ACRE School 168 Hour Real Estate License Course - for new applicants who have never held a license.

See the real estate license Candidate Bulletin

Step 2: Back Ground Check - Prior to submitting an application for a license each applicant shall submit a set of fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of conducting a state and national criminal history record check. CBI Information

Step 3: Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance - You must have E&O insurance in place on your license before it will be issued on active status. Rice Insurance

Step 4: Complete the application form - Enclose all required documentation and appropriate application fee. Don't forget that exam scores are only valid for one year. Processing of your application may take up to six weeks. Initial licenses will be issued for a three-year period expiring on the anniversary date of the issuance. Real Estate Broker Application

You can check for your license status at the Online License Management webpage.

Real Estate Broker Licensing Courses

All real estate professionals in Colorado are brokers. Rather than a salespersons license, every new broker is called a Broker Associate.

Our Real Estate Licensing Courses

ACRE School 168 Hour Real Estate License Course - for new brokers who have never held a license

32 Hour Real Estate License Course - for lawyers

120 Hour Real Estate License Course - for expired salespersons from any state

72 Hour Real Estate License Course - for expired brokers

ACRE School Real Estate License Exam Preparation Course - for active licensees from other states

Not sure which course to take? Please refer to the Real Estate Broker Application

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