168 Hour Colorado Broker Licensing Course


Why you should choose us:
We are a Colorado company specializing in only the Colorado Broker Exam since 2001.
Our 1st quarter 2021 Colorado exam pass rate is 86%Most comparable schools have pass rates under 50%.

Only $299, no up-sells, no added costs.  We don’t charge for our exams or our exam preparation.  You don’t need to buy “add-ons”, save your money.  Everything you need to pass the exam is included.  You get our comprehensive and experiential course, materials, videos, preparation, practice exams, and instructor support by phone and email for one low price.

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This online course is for new applicants who have never been previously licensed. Lessons with streaming videos, exam preparation courses and practice exams are included. No books or other study materials are required. Completion time is 3 weeks to 4 months, tracked by the day. You may sign up at any time. You may log on or off as much as you like. This course works with all PC browsers. Don’t be fooled by schools advertising pass rates that are untrue. The Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) regularly publishes pass rates. Click here for our 1st quarter 2021 pass rates and our 2020 1st Time Pass Rates. Everything you need is included! We provide instructor support by phone and email. This course is guaranteed. You will pass the exam the first time you take it or we will pay*.